IC Programming & Related Services


Program Automation, Inc.

Program Automation, Inc. in Lake Forest, California, offers IC programming and associated services for a variety of clients. ie: Distributors – Manufacturers – OEMs – Contract Manufacturers – Resellers – Primes, etc. First articles are always issued to ensure data integrity for the customer and Program Automation. Customers benefit from the expert knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 35 years in our value-added service.

Benefits Derived

By outsourcing your programming needs, you’ll save time, money, effort, and costs by eliminating internal additional help. Our pricing and turn-around time is another added benefit to your bottom line. Also as an option, we offer evenings, weekends, and holidays to ensure your lines are up and running.


Pricing for our services is predicated on volume, type of IC and any other services required. Labeling (except Kapton-high temp.) and color coding are inclusive in our pricing.